1-Stop’s new hybrid solution



Hybrid is a ‘Freight Management’ solution that aggregates Full Container Load (FCL) data into a singular tool that prevents penalties and provides visibility using real-time statuses. Hybrid will allow you to manage a fleet of trucks and drivers & associated stakeholders, automating many repetitive workflows and tasks.

It has been designed specifically in collaboration with and for the Container Transport industry to improve operational workflows, by using all the available information that 1-Stop has, to make a transport carrier’s life easier.

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  • Work from Anywhere: Hybrid is cloud-based so you can use it anywhere you have an internet connection and, on any computer, as it runs in a web browser. This means you can run your transport from the office, at home or in the truck.


  • Quick Setup: It is already running in parallel with your VBS account. Just add your customers, drivers, and rates and you’re good to go. No huge install time taking you away from your business for days with steep learning curves – just log in and go.


  • Digitised Supply Chain Data: No need to manually enter job data, transpose information and constantly check for updates about a container across multiple systems. Do it once and with less effort and less data to register jobs, book slots, plan and allocate resources and we will sync it all up for you.
  • Centralised and consolidated data: Drawing data from several sources across the supply chain and utilising ‘cutting edge technology’ we’ve enabled all this data to be consolidated and accessed via a single screen which is accessible…to you, your people and your stakeholders.


  • Better Utilise Resources: With an app designed for Truck Drivers we allow them to be connected to you wherever you are and enable them to go paperless on jobs, use sign-on-glass for P.O.D.’s, integrate with our E-Gate solution and tracking so you can automate communications and schedule drivers on the fly without needing them to come back into the yard.


  • Less effort but more efficient: By streamlining your data and all laborious tasks down to a few key data points and events we can validate those against our ecosystem which automatically updates for you in under >2 minutes to reduce admin and mitigate risk by giving you near real-time visibility to help make better-informed decisions
  • Automated workflows: The system will automate many of the routine processes that happen manually today. This includes monitoring vessel availabilities, alerts to remind users of containers approaching detention, or slots that are at risk of being missed for example.


  • Connected Products with Connected Parties: a platform that seamlessly interconnects you, your tools and your data with your office staff, drivers, customers, and other supply chain parties to share information, for increased visibility and more structured and collaborative workflows which supports the container life cycle.


  • Customisable workspaces: Don’t be forced to work a certain way – work how you want to – see your information that makes sense to you. You can customise your screens and can have multiple users working on the same job, everyone can configure their screens to suit their needs. This way your information is used and displayed in meaningful ways to highlight priorities, opportunities and minimise your risks.

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