1-Stop’s new hybrid solution

…it’s not a traditional TMS


By  understanding the depth of Transport Operators problems and their different ways of working we’ve been able to uncover new functionalities, re-organise old ones and simplify them to finally reveal it to you to make a positive impact to your day.

“It’s a hybrid transport and job management tool one that is designed to operate as you do.”

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  • Connectivity and access to 1-Stop’s entire data network for Vessel, Container, VBS and Empty Park data – in real time, as it happens in a single place.


  • 1-Stop Payment Platform. By using our Payment Platform, you can create invoices and receive payments before the container is even off the truck! Rate sheets are pre-loaded and invoices are calculated in the system, saving you time and effort.


  • Time saving by giving you as much data as we can, so, you enter and maintain less.  We’ve put it all in a single place so transport operators can focus on managing the job in hand. No longer do you need to spend time searching the internet for data.


  • Detention Management. The only solution that can track and manage container detention to reduce waste in the supply chain


  • Visibility of the things that are going to cost you money before it happens, to actively assists in reducing penalties at a terminal


  • We save you money with a rolling monthly subscription, we give you a flat fee that is based on your average fleet size which we take from the VBS data. It’s fairer, more flexible and convenient to your situation.

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