1-Stop Vehicle Booking System (VBS) for 1-Stop Modal

Our user-friendly digital interface for Container Parks 


A  complete Intermodal capacity management system

The VBS was developed to drive efficiencies by addressing the common issues shared by port communities around the world – the lack of transparent information flow, under-utilisation of equipment and inefficient practices. 1-Stop’s flagship product is the premier Terminal and Depot to Landside interface, currently active in 31 facilities and terminals across Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia.


Flexibility for Intermodal facilities

1-Stop VBS provides the capability to optimise intermodal operations. Our user-friendly digital interface – for desktop, mobile and tablet devices – is the ‘mediator’ of all messaging and information that is vital to port and freight operations.

The VBS allows terminal operators to match resources with landside demand. Facilities can configure timeslots, work-day calendars and business rules, and create and maintain customer details.

Minimising manual data entry and virtually eliminating time-consuming and error-prone paperwork, the VBS harnesses technology to streamline operations.


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More than just a booking system, VBS provides a complete facility capacity management system, delivering benefits for terminal operators and freight carriers alike.

Equipment, fleet, and human resources can be accurately matched to demand, spreading incoming vehicles and container movements over full 24 hour periods.

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