Release 2: Our latest software release

Release 2 will be going live in the coming weeks!

What are the major changes for you?


Patrick Terminals – Carriers will be able to confirm bookings for early receival containers (if the terminal allows). This change will allow you to bring the export containers to the terminal earlier than the export receival date.

DP World Terminals – You will now be able to see the estimated discharge date and time of your containers in both Stack Run Out Container List and normal container list screen.  You will no longer need to call the terminals to know the discharge time of your container.
With this information available, you will be able to plan ahead to get your container on the first day of the discharge.


You will now be able to reset your password over the phone 24/7. All you have to do is call 1300 881 055 and follow the prompts to reset your password. You will receive a copy via SMS and email.

If you are on our MSIC homepage, you will also be able to reset your password through the ‘Forgotten Password’ link.

The Office of Transport (OTS) have changed their regulations. Australia Post are now required to scan your identity documents when you lodge your application at the post office. This is the initial step for a paperless application in the future.

The number of Australia Post outlets have also changed. You can find one near you here.

The list of tertiary documents that are accepted have changed, what you can and cannot use can be found here. 

User details on the 1-Stop website

To ensure that you stay up to date with the latest news and important changes at 1-Stop, we will prompt you at the time of logging in to review your account details.
This will occur approximately every 6 months to ensure that your details are always up to date.

If you are an organisation admin, you will also be promoted to view and update the company details.


Did you know 1-Stop released a new feature inside ComPay earlier in the year?

In the latest release, both the payer and payee can now cancel a debit payment in ComPay prior to 3:15pm. You don’t need to call us to cancel this for you anymore.
The cancellation request will be sent to the other party via email who will then approve/reject the cancellation. Once this has been actioned, both parties will receive an email.

If it’s not reviewed before the daily settlement at 3:15pm, you will need to manage the refund outside of ComPay.

Cancel Payment_315pm


When is go live?


26th April
(Fremantle) @ 2:00 PM AEST
Napier, Auckland @ 6 PM AEST

4th May
(Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane & Manila) Starting @ 10:00 AM (AEST)

Gateway: 26th April @ 1:00 PM

ComPay: 26th April @ 2:00 PM

MSIC: 27th April @ 2:00 PM

*Please note: all times, are AEDT.

If you have further questions, please read the software notes found on our website or contact our Service Desk on 1300 881 055.