MSIC: Identification documents

All applicants will need to provide identification documents to meet each of the following document categories:

Category A – evidence of the start of the applicant’s identity in Australia (e.g. Australian Citizenship/Naturalisation Certificate, Australian Birth Certificate, Australian Visa);

Category B – a Government-issued document that provides photographic proof of the applicant’s identity and includes the applicant’s signature (e.g. Driver Licence, Proof of Age/Photo Card, Passport (Australian or foreign));

Category C – evidence of the applicant’s use of the identity while operating in their community (e.g. Medicare card, ASIC or MSIC, PAYG Summary); and

Category D – evidence of the applicant’s current residential address (e.g Utilities Account/Bill/Invoice, Bank Statement/Account Confirmation, Tenancy Agreement).

The applicant is only required to produce a category D document if their current residential address was not listed on any of the other documents they produced. As such, the minimum number of documents required is three, addressing all four categories e.g. Birth Certificate (Category A), Driver Licence (Categories B and D) and Medicare Card (Category C).