Meet Sherene! HR Manager

Sherene Shridhar is 1-Stop’s HR Manager.

What is your role here at 1-Stop?

HR Manager

How long have you been at 1-Stop?

I have just celebrated my 3 year anniversary in March.

How do you balance your career here at 1-Stop and family?

The key for me is to focus on a plan, get organised, and find the right balance between profession and family. I try to structure my work schedule for flexibility. I also don’t hold to certain notions of what can be work time and what can’t be. I am up at 5am every morning and try and squeeze in exercise and always have breakfast with my husband and kids. I am often on the job by 7am as I head out the door. I also try to create connection with my children daily. Spending one on one time with each child (I have two boys) like going into their room at night and sitting on their beds talking for 15 minutes, or taking one of them with me on errands in the car. That’s when they tell me their secrets and it’s just the most precious time.

What advice do you have for prospective 1-Stop candidates?

For me the key is to never stop learning, whether it’s a new role, boss or opportunity to learn, you can never know enough. Be inquisitive and seek information out don’t expect it to come to you; Be flexible to new environments, systems and processes; and have a sense of humour.

You have been in the shipping industry for a while, what are your thoughts on the future of shipping?

Over 10 years ago I joined CP Ships (previously ANZDL), when there were many more lines on the global scene. Major trends like globalisation and containerisation have reshaped the industry and continue to present challenging changes even today. The emergence of technology, is creating a dynamic environment and a very interesting work setting. This will see a need for an increase in employee capabilities and the setting of a higher standard for future co-workers. The work landscape in all industries is changing and, there is a need for a shift in mind-set and behaviour that I believe, is required to lead, organise, motivate, manage and engage the workforce. While it is hard to predict which emerging business practices will endure, it is impossible to ignore the need for change.

Choose your Little Miss, to describe your home life personality?

Right now – Little Miss Birthday. I have my oldest son’s 10th birthday this week and need to get organised!

Do you have a favourite blog?

Favourite news blog is Deloitte University Press, It provides updates on global human capital trends. Providing analysis of the social, economic, political, technological and cultural issues facing business and employees worldwide.

Do you have a favourite quote?

“Possibilities do not add up. They multiply” – Paul M. Romer