Meet Andy! 1-Stop's GM - Projects & Service Delivery

Andy Hurst is GM of Projects & Service Delivery, Project Management.

What’s your role here at 1-Stop?
General Manager of Projects and Service Delivery  –  My role looks after the operations part of 1-Stop – the people, processes and profitability. The teams within the projects & service delivery department consist of – customer support, product support engineers, infrastructure, software development, business analysis, project management office and testing. In nutshell my day involves supporting/coaching/leading the talented line managers who lead these teams to ensure that 1-Stop is geared up to continuously help customers optimise the movement of cargo. My role also involves working closely with my executive peers, CEO & board in order to execute 1-Stop’s business strategy and global growth.

What motivates you about 1-Stop?
Lots motivate me about 1-Stop. 1. The fact that we have demonstrable success in the Australasian and Manila markets and are chasing global growth, 2. The talented people we are lucky to have 3. The great products and emerging Information trading platform 1-Stop delivers.

Do you have any family here in Australia?
I have a wife, and two sons. I also have family in the UK and New Zealand

What is your ideal weekend?
Taking my eldest son to Karate training, surfing and spending time with the family

Favourite Movie?
The Goonies, Point Break

Tell us something interesting about yourself that we wouldn’t know?
Hendry from our R&D team found it suitably amusing that I was in a 90’s band called Freudian Slip where I was a guitarist. Arguably even more amusing was that Ally G (before he was actually Ally G) interviewed me on his local cable TV show – the ripping I receiving was well deserved

I am scared of…
Being stuck in lifts (I’ve realised I’m claustrophobic)

Winter or Summer?
Can’t really decide, but if I had to choose one it would be winter. I can still surf and ski in Winter

What’s your superpower?

What’s your motto in life?
I like the SAS motto “Who dares wins”. My interpretation is that life is for living.