Media Release: TBSX3 and 1-Stop Connections form a new alliance to battle fake product in the supply chain using blockchain

A new alliance has been formed between 1-Stop Connections, a global leader in integrated port logistics and TBSx3, which is developing a blockchain-based security architecture, designed to combat fake products, in particular fake medicines.

The alliance comes less than a month after the successful completion of a global road and sea supply chain trial of the TBSx3 technology.

The new alliance between 1-Stop Connections and TBSx3 is “an important step in building a global consortium to ensure the integrity of product at every step of a supply chain from the farm and factory gate to the consumer,” said TBSx3 founder and director, Mr. Mark Toohey.

Michael Bouari, CEO, 1-Stop Connections adds “The alliance between 1-Stop and TBSx3 is a new and powerful weapon against the penetration of supply chains by fake product.”

The full media release can be found here.