Digital Disruption in the Global Logistics Industry

mb - digital disruption
Michael Bouari, CEO, 1-Stop Connections,
Sydney, Australia

With more and more organisations and business leaders talking about ‘Digital Transformation’, ‘Digital Disruption’ and ‘Digital Density’, it’s important to know that while these three phrases all mean something different, in a business sense all three matter to the future and growth of a business and the economy.

A study by Accenture Strategy contends that ‘If the Australian economy were to improve its digital density, the study estimates Australia could enjoy a boost to Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of 2.4% beyond current forecasts – pumping an additional $46 billion into the national economy by 2020.’

Digital Transformation must start from the top. Executives and board members need to push and promote the change and to reassure all employees that digital disruption is a way forward for themselves and the organisation.

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