Aus: VGM rules to go live on 22nd June


By now I’m sure that you’re aware of the SOLAS regulation that requires the verification of the gross weight of packed containers.

To make it as easy as possible for our shipping community, we applied some changes to our PRAs. We added new VGM fields in our online webform and in the electronic messages as well. We wanted you to get used to it before it came into force on 1st July, 2016.

Whilst the VGM info is not mandatory just yet, some shippers are already sending the VGM through – and that’s fantastic.

As you can appreciate, a lot of conversation has been had around this.

And we quickly identified a problem: what happens if a container is gated-in to a terminal BEFORE the 1st July, but is loaded after it? Technically speaking, the PRA for that container may not have the VGM info in it, since we weren’t going to enforce it until the 1st July.

So we talked with terminal operators. And we talked with the Container Steering Committee at Shipping Australia Limited. And we talked with shippers. There was a way that we could solve this: we can enforce the VGM fields in the PRA a week earlier. The stakeholders agreed.

This means that the VGM fields in 1-Stop’s PRA will “go live” from 2pm

Wednesday 22nd June, 2016


What does this mean if you use our website?

Our PRA form already has the VGM fields in it, but you don’t have to fill them in.  On the 22nd June, however, we’ll tweak it so that you *have* to fill them in.

What does this mean if you use your own software?

Your software developer must have the changes applied before the 22nd June.  We’ve contacted them already, so you shouldn’t need to do anything except fill those fields in.


If you need a hand with anything, please contact our dedicated VGM team by sending an email to

Talk soon,

Cam Tran


Software developers: did you know? The PRA EDIFACT specs were updated recently. Use the table below to download the latest specs.


Description Type Version Download
PRA Messaging – XML Specification 2.5.2 XML File Format Specification.pdf
PRA Messaging – EDIFACT Specification 2.6 IFTERA File Format Specification.pdf
PRA Messaging – CSV Specification 2.5 CSV File Format Specification.pdf




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