16R3 - VBS software upgrade June 2016

Bug fixes in this release

    • Manifest – Edit Truck screen populates BAT number automatically for the updated Rego number
    • Booking – Carriers can’t make multiple bookings from multiple tabs of the same browser
    • Booking – Booking reference number for unspecified slots now changes to “I” or “E” from “D” when carrier confirms the booking
    • Booking – Restricted carriers can now go to the correct terminal contact page from the booking screen
    • Booking – no longer able to book the same slot
    • Points – VBS will refund points for any bookings in error
    • Booking List – Booking History pop-up displays all information
    • Manifest Container Preview – Corrected the subject of the email

Changes in this Release

    • Booking – Electronic hazardous form is now available
    • Manifest – Display Facility Reference number in the Manifest Preview screen
    • Booking – Display the reason of container’s unavailability
    • Manifesting – Consecutive zones over the two days
    • Invoicing – Credit Notes are now available for Patrick terminals

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