16R2 - VBS software enhancement May 2016

We’re making some improvements to the booking process. The changes mostly reside in these areas:

    • Container List
    • Bookings

Why are we making these changes?

We are always listening and looking for ways to improve the customer experience. We realised that some of the methods that you view or make bookings could be improved, and so we’ve made some changes.

These changes mean you can:
    • Reduce data entry by uploading multiple containers at the same time, and match multiple PINs too. This means that you don’t need to keep going in and out of the screens for the simple task.
    • Relax. Once you upload your containers, the system will fetch the available information and automatically display the status of the container (whether it’s ready or not ready to be booked).
    • Reduce clicks. You can now attach a booking to a container in the same screen that you uploaded it in. You can also select a container and assign the booking from the list of bookings available (including any listed or cleared bookings).
    • Use it as the single window to plan your cargo movement to and from the terminal at any time.

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