15R7 - VBS software upgrade December 2015

Bug fixes in this release

    •Container List – No longer showing error after clicking on “Refresh All”
    •X-Ray Run – Driver name is now visible in X-Ray Run confirmation screen
    •X-Ray Run List – Email and Print button name are now consistent with other VBS screens
    •X-Ray Run – Added drivers are always visible in the “Driver” drop down
    •X-Ray Run – Users can now select a truck by clicking anywhere in the row of the Truck Fleet window
    •Booking List – the Hazardous document email is in the correct format
    •Booking Search – latest container and booking details shown when searched by Container Number
    •Booking – you can now book a pick-up container irrespective of its duration in the Yard
    •Booking Details – all information can be seen for the manifested containers
    •X-Ray Run – SMS button is now within the box of the Confirmation screen
    •Stack Runs – Stack Run In MT Request screen now has heading.
    •Booking Details – helpful error message shown when failing to attach facility reference number
    •Booking Summary – “Finish” button is right justified
    •Zone status – corrected the midnight status in the home page
    •Booking Details – Status field is not editable anymore
    •Menu – ComTrac is now accessible from the top navigational menu
    •Stack Run In MT- Carriers can now add nested containers during manifesting
    •Booking – retrieve the listed slot straightway

Changes in this release

    •Stack Run In – error shown to users if VBS fails to contact terminal web service
    •Booking Details – displays the time you will be able to re-use a container which is already attached to another booking
    •Message Board – Zone activity also shows the date
    •Data & Reports – Vessel Schedule report buttons consistent with other screens
    •Container Search – the discharge date and time shown
    •VBS List screens – the search box collapses when there are results
    •Booking Details – improved message when a container is booked by another carrier

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