15R5 - VBS software upgrade August 2015

Bug fixes in this release

Manifest – You can now see the other carrier’s manifested container position in the shared truck
Booking List – VBS now displays appropriate space between each booking
Napier Port – Booking Details – VBS no longer shows EIDO field for the drop-off bookings
Napier Port – Booking list screen is now showing the correct alignment of the columns when a booking is re-sent to the terminal

Changes in this release

Billing – “Failed to Arrive (FTA)” charge will not be applied to LISTED SLOTS
Notification – Users can now see the correctly formatted messages in the Message Board and Pop Up notifications
Manifest – Carriers can now edit truck and driver details in the manifest
Stack Run – vessel details for all SRO containers are displayed
Stack Run – Stack Run In Full containers are now getting validated in the same way of PRA validation for Voyage numbers
Port of Auckland – Container Search – vessel details of a container shown

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