1-Stop in Manila - TABS, the truck ban and greater transparency

Launched in October 2015, our booking system in Manila, known as the Terminal Appointment Booking System or TABS, is making great inroads.

TABS is a collaborative solution from the Manila government and supply-chain stakeholders, in partnership with Australia’s 1-Stop Connections Pty Ltd., in response to the truck ban and road policies that were introduced by the local government in 2014 to combat the congestion in Manila.

After just one month of use, port operator Asian Terminals Inc. recorded a 20% increase in utilisation, and truck drivers had more certainty around service at the terminal. The impact of TABS on Manila’s roads was further illustrated when the government declared in February that vehicles with a TABS booking were exempt from Manila’s truck ban:

This image was snapped by one of our staff this week:
TABS Bridge

And now, to promote greater transparency, port operator Manila International Container Terminal may soon add a feature in TABS that would allow port stakeholders to check which slots are in use in a move intended to promote transparency. Read the full article here >