1-Stop creates a new team: Research and Development

We pride ourselves on being the global innovator in the Port Community, and to ensure we are always providing innovative products, we have introduced a R&D Team.
The team will help to drive new product development and bring solutions to the market place that will provide value to the logistics and supply chain industry.

Why did 1-Stop create an R&D department?

– To drive new product development within 1-Stop

– Diversify 1-Stop products into new areas

– Develop solutions that provide value to logistics/supply chain industry

– Have a close and direct link to the industry, the markets we operate in and customers

– Ensure 1 Stop is always at the fore front of developing new technologies


What will the R&D team do?

– Research on customer challenges, collaborate with them and figure out solutions to improve their daily business operations

– Build lasting working relationships with customers

– Communicates effectively with customers to discover opportunities

– Quickly develop proof of concepts including designs

– Research new technologies that can be adapted to our industry/business


How can the R&D department can assist me and my business?

– Collaborate on ideas to develop industry solutions

– Bounce off crazy new ideas than can be developed into actual products

– Increase efficiency and profit by engaging with relevant stakeholders

– The opportunity to be the first to use and shape new solutions

How businesses can become involved?

  • Send email to: and let us know how we can contact you, and we will add you to the user groups.