Booking Validation

Shipping & Booking Validation

Booking Validation

This product is for shipping lines to provide 1-Stop with booking list details. We use the booking list to check PRAs sent by exporters for correctness.

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We check and reject the PRA if the information does not match the data you’ve provided on the booking list.

What we can check and validate:

  • Booking Reference number;
  • Lloyds number;
  • Voyage number;
  • Shipping line;
  • Port of loading;
  • Port of discharge;
  • Number of containers in the booking;
  • ISO Code; and
  • Full/empty container indicator.

Using Booking Validation benefits your shipping line by:

  • Reducing staff time chasing errors in documentation;
  • Reducing any re-stow possibilities;
  • Reducing potential claims;
  • Reducing overbooking scenarios; and
  • Reducing costs overall and free up staff time.

“1-Stop’s Booking Validation service has been very beneficial for NYK. By matching the PRA against all our bookings it captures any discrepancies in advance, thus reducing administration work & costs and avoids overbooking scenarios. This service allows our staff to focus on our main objective which is providing a value added service to our Customers.”

– Nathan Wicks, National Customer Service Manager, NYK

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