1-Stop Gateway

Vessel Schedules

Shipping schedules at your fingertips

We have info from all shipping lines and major terminals in Australia in the 1 spot! You don’t have to look everywhere for your information.

Live and in real-time

Information is updated as it happens.

When you log on you will see:

  • Arrival and departure of vessels
    Estimated time of arrival, actual time of arrival and estimated time of departure so you can keep up to date and organize your cargo better.
  • Export receival start and cut off dates
    Handy for knowing when your container needs to be dropped off at the wharf.
  • Import availability and storage start times
    Know when your container needs to be picked up from the wharf.

    And more


“1-Stop Gateway really was a perfect fit for us in saving time with all our information there available for us in one spot. Since then, we’ve managed to increase our capacity by 30% by not wasting our resources.”

– Richard Bezzina, Supply & Inventory Manager, Mercator

Container Tracking

Track your container

Our 1-Stop Gateway service allows you to track any container entering or leaving any major terminal in Australia.

When you use the 1-Stop Gateway to see the shipping container status, you get:

  • Accurate, up to the minute information
    We receive the information at the same time as the terminal. So ours is the most comprehensive and up to date container tracking service in Australia.
  • Time savings
    Instead of trying to find pieces of information from different websites and sources, we have it all in the one place.
  • A better way to serve your customers
    Beat your competitors and give your customers reliable information on any container.


Container Status

Container statuses that you’ll see when you use our service:

  • For import containers
    See when your container is still on board a vessel, when it’s discharged off a vessel, and it’s been gated out of a terminal. Also see when the container is cleared by customs.
  • For export containers
    See when your PRA has been accepted, when it’s been gated into a terminal and when it’s been loaded on a vessel.

Customs Status

Find out the Customs status of any import container.

The statuses are provided by updates from the Australian Customs Service.

Pre-Receival Advice (PRA)

What is PRA?

PRAs are mandatory electronic forms that shippers submit to terminals.

  • A PRA advises the terminal that a container will be dropped off for export.
  • The PRA outlines general information about that container, including container number, commodity and destination.
  • No PRA = no export.


1-Stop Gateway is the benchmark for submitting PRAs

  • Sending a PRA form is fast
    This is because most of information needed is already filled out for you.
  • Save and come back
    Ever get mid-way through a PRA or form and be interrupted? With 1-Stop you can save a draft and come back to it.
  • Unlimited PRAs
    Some places charge per PRA. We don’t. Your subscription to the 1-Stop Gateway allows for unlimited submissions.

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