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Rail operators can pre-advise terminals of Train Consists. This can be done either via our website or electronically via an EDI message.

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The purpose of the Train Consist is to advise the terminals of the impending arrival of a train. The Train Consist can include wagons and container numbers on the train, as well as the exact train configuration.

For each container on the Train Consist, a PRA also needs to be sent. Otherwise, if an accepted PRA has not been submitted, the cargo may not be unloaded off the train in the terminal.

Rail operators can submit their Train Consist messages for trains going to terminals in various formats:

  • EDI;
  • CSV; and
  • via the web screens.

“1-Stop’s Train Consist means that terminals know the details of our trains before it gets there. It makes the supply chain more efficient, and means more productivity for all.”


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