Container Rail Tagging & Release

Tag a container

A container can be tagged by an importer, agent, freight forwarder, intermodal terminal or rail operator who has approval to use the RTR service, provided that the container has not already been tagged by another user and provided they have permission from a shipping line.

A shipping line can tag containers that belong to them.

Create a new tag

  • Enter the details such as departure terminal, destination, rail terminal.
  • Click ‘Tag’ to check if it’s ready to be sent to the terminal.
  • Click ‘Submit’ to terminal to send the tag.

Release a container

Importers, agents, freight forwarders, intermodal terminals and rail operators may release a container to rail if they have the Electronic Import Delivery Order (EIDO) Personal Identification Number (PIN) for that container.

Shipping lines may only release their own containers.

Release a tagged container

  • Search for a tagged container to release.
  • Enter the EIDO PIN.
  • When the ‘EIDO PIN IS VALID’, tick the checkboxes beside the containers that are to be released.
  • Click ‘Submit to Terminal’ to indicate that the container can be released to rail.

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