Rail Tagging and Release

Container Rail Tagging & Release

Rail Tagging and Release

All containers discharged from a vessel are defaulted to ‘road’ as the next mode of transport for leaving the terminal.


The Rail Tagging and Release service allows industry representatives (shipping lines, intermodal rail terminals, and freight forwarders and importers) to let the terminal know that the container is to be moved by rail.

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The Rail Tagging and Release (RTR) process involves two stages, as follows.

Processing Stage 1: Rail Release – Container Tagging
Industry members search for their container and “tag” it for rail.
This advises the terminals to move the tagged containers to the Rail Stack upon discharge. The container tagging process must be done before vessel discharge.

Processing Stage 2: Rail Release – Container Release
At the container releasing stage, the intermodal rail terminal, importer, agent or freight forwarder must enter the commercial release number (EIDO PIN) against their tagged containers to affect the final rail release process.

Only the following user groups will be granted access to the rail release service:

  • intermodal rail terminals; and
  • importers, freight forwarders or agents.


To gain access to the Rail Tagging and Release, please contact the 1-Stop Helpdesk via email helpdesk@1-stop.biz or phone (1300 881 055) quoting that you’d like ‘Access to the Rail Tagging and Release’.

Please prepare the following details before contacting the helpdesk:

  • Industry type
  • Company Name & ABN,
  • Employee name & Contact Details
  • For Shipping Lines – Approval from the terminal/s is required to grant access to shipping lines (email is sufficient)
  • For Non Shipping Lines – Approval from the shipping line is required to grant access.


* Please note for Non Shipping Lines it is recommended that you check with your shipping line on whether approval has been provided to 1-Stop in order to be granted access.

“Using 1-Stop’s Rail Tagging and Release is a much easier and quicker solution than the old manual paper work of years prior. It’s guaranteed that our cargo will arrive into the terminal seamlessly on our rail service, and having it all online makes it less prone to errors.”

– Andrew McDonald, Export Sales and Shipping manager, NH Foods.

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