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Our innovative technology solutions provide the shipping line community with extensive export and import information services.

Improve daily operations by receiving real time data validation, data messaging and data visibility. Manage communication with container terminal operators, Australian Customs, Port Authorities, container parks, road, rail, importers and exporters.


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Our Products


1-Stop Gateway

We provide easy online access to real time vessel schedule and container event information, and PRA services.


Customs Reporting

For you to send the required import or export documentation to Customs.


Rail Tagging and Release

Allows industry representatives to automatically update the terminal system with a ‘rail’ status via the tagging process and a subsequent update by industry can release the container for loading onto rail.

Booking Validation

Reduce time and costs by eliminating errors in export documentation.


Electronic version of Delivery Orders from Shipping lines, which is validated in the VBS.

Container Control

Allows shipping lines and road carriers (and any other party) to reduce the costs of handling containers.

Security Cards

Maritime Security Identification Card (MSIC)

Approved identification to any persons needing un-escorted access within a maritime security zone through our MSICs at a great price.



An online facility for you and your customers to pay storage and invoices anytime, anywhere, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

A product that reduces road congestion and carbon emissions
such as 1-Stop’s Container Control is a wonderful achievement.

– Rob Fitzpatrick, Director of Infrastructure,
Transport and Logistics Business Team at NICTA

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