What does 'The EIDO Pin (CRN) does not match the data provided by the shipping lines - contact the shipping lines to confirm the CRN' mean?

You may receive this error message when attaching an EIDO PIN to your VBS booking.

To be able to attach the PIN, the following must have happened:
    · The shipping line has sent the EIDO to the terminal through 1-Stop
    · The terminal has confirmed that they accept the EIDO and respond with an ACCEPTED message to 1-Stop

So if you can’t attach the container to your booking, it might be because:
    · The vessel / voyage / terminal and discharge port details that you have are not aligned with what the shipping line, terminal and 1-Stop have. 1-Stop can check this and if there are any mismatches we will ask you to contact your shipping line to verify the information with your and they will need to resend the eIDO in some cases.
    · The terminal’s confirmation response has not been received by 1-Stop. We can check this also and if we don’t have it we’ll take the necessary action to have it remedied.


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