I'm having trouble confirming a slot and I don't know why

There could be a few reasons why you cannot confim your time slot. Here are some scenarios and the likely reasons why you’re experiencing them:

Error message: Invalid Container Number This is caused when either

    1. a particular container is missing from the vessel bayplan, or
    2. no bay plan for that vessel has been received

Contact us so we can investigate the above options and take the appropriate action.

Error mesage: Booking For This Vessel Is Not Allowed This is caused when either

    1. your time slot is before the availability time
    2. your container is in storage
    3. your time slot is very close to availability time.

For all 3 options try entering the container number, but don’t click “Get Details”. Instead, select the vessel and voyage, length and commodity manually, then click Save.

If this does not work, contact us for further assistance.


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