How do I submit a PRA?

A PRA can be submitted three different ways.

1. 1-Stop’s website. Subscribe to our 1-Stop Gateway product and
    a. Launch the 1-Stop Gateway
    b. Go to PRA -> Create
    c. Complete the web form and then click “Send to Terminal”

2. Use your own software. You can purchase your own software to submit PRAs. You’ll need to work with your IT team if you need help.

3. User another software provider (such as Cargowise EDI, TradeGate, OzDocs, K-Line, BSM Global). Contact those companies for advice on how to submit a PRA.

Once you’ve sent your PRA, it will be processed by the terminal, and they’ll send back an ACCEPTED or REJECTED message.

Only once the PRA is ACCEPTED will the container data be available in the VBS to attach to a booking.


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