How do I cancel a PRA?

If you have submitted a PRA with container number you do not intended to deliver to that terminal you will need to send the terminal a CANCELLATION PRA.

The process for cancelling your PRA will depend on how you submitted it. You’ll need to follow one of the three ways below.

1. 1-Stop Gateway customers, follow these steps.
    a. Navigate to the PRA page and you will see the history and status of each of your PRAs.
    b. Tick the checkbox of the PRA you wish to cancel.
    c. Click on the cancel link next to your PRA. You haven’t cancelled it just yet. This will just bring up the PRA information. Click “Yes” in the warning message to confirm that you wish to submit a cancellation to the terminal.

2. If you use your own software will need to contact your own IT support or vendor for advice on how to cancel a PRA.

3. If you use another provider (such as Cargowise EDI, TradeGate, OzDocs, K-Line), you will need to contact them for advice on how to cancel a PRA.

NB.: Once you’ve sent a cancellation PRA, wait for an “ACCEPTED” response for the CANCELLATION before submitting a new PRA.

Only the most recent PRA submitted with a unique container reference will be recognized by the terminal and VBS


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