1-Stop announces newest strategic partnership with ContainerSpace

1-Stop Connections (1-Stop) is proud to unveil their newest strategic alliance with Melbourne based depot operator ContainerSpace.

ContainerSpace will be implementing 1-Stop’s Depot Platform including the Depot Operating System 1-Stop Modal and 1-Stop’s flagship product, the Vehicle Booking System (VBS) on Tuesday 1st December.

With this new partnership, 1-Stop and ContainerSpace will be bringing an unprecedented increase in connection and visibility across the supply chain. 1-Stop Modal will provide ContainerSpace with complete eIDO integration with 100% of all shipping lines that visit Australia, reducing the need for paper forms and manual data entry.

Carriers visiting other terminals and depots in Victoria will use one single booking system for all their planning, booking and pick-up/drop-off requirements. This means that for all container movements at ContainerSpace from 1 December, a time slot will need to be booked via the 1-Stop VBS.

Transport Operators who have access to other VBS sites in Victoria will automatically receive access to ContainerSpace in mid-November. Transport Operators who have not used 1-Stops VBS previously will need to register. Further information on the registration process will be sent shortly.

Even though the booking process is similar in at other facilities that have the VBS, 1-Stop and ContainerSpace will organise a Webinar to walk through the VBS, any registration questions, and offer training sessions to understand the payment process through 1-Stop ComPay.

Further information on the webinar will be advertised in the coming fortnight.

By partnering with ContainerSpace for another Australian implementation of the 1-Stop Depot Platform, 1- Stop reaffirms its position as an industry leader in optimising the supply chain with state-of-the-art technology connecting the whole supply chain.

1-Stop looks forward to bringing you smarter ways to move goods across the Australian and Global Supply Chain.

For questions regarding the implementation, please contact 1-Stop’s Marketing and Communications Manager, Alicia Mingare at amingare@1-stop.com or 0436 378 200.