About Us 

“Who is 1-Stop?”

1-Stop is a globally recognised leader in innovating and delivering integrated solutions to increase productivity for the Port Community.  We are committed to working collaboratively with all members of the community to deliver efficiency gains for everyone.


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“And what does 1-Stop do?”

1-Stop’s objective is to continually improve productivity in the Port Community so that all users  benefit from efficiency gains.   We aim to reach this through:

  • Efficiency: Automation, standardisation and data accuracy.
  • Collaboration: Working together guarantees greater wins for the community.
  • Integration: Integrating  all sea, port and land operations.
  • Innovation: We’re constantly seeking a fresher and better way of thinking.


"Who does 1-Stop help?

Our systems greatly aid different parties in the freight and logistics community including ports, terminals, shipping lines, freight forwarders, customs brokers, depots, importers and exporters, road carriers and rail operators. If you are one of these parties, we have information and services that will help you significantly improve your business.

We also understand that you all have different needs, so to meet those needs we provide unique packages and tailor-made solutions. This way, we maximise the operating efficiency of the supply chain as a whole making it better for the whole community.                                                       


"How can 1-Stop's services help me?"

With us, you will get:

·        clear, visible data about vessel and container movements;

·        efficient and real time transactions between community members;

·        easy reporting to Australian Customs Services to meet regulatory requirements;

·        time and cost savings, thanks to automation of repetitive transactions;

·        improved data quality;

·        better ability to respond to your customers



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