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Take a look at our new website

1-stop port


Our new website is nearly ready.

A little while ago our CEO, Michael Bouari, sent a message to tell you that we're redesigning our website.  You may have also seen the banners on our site that said the same.

Guess what?  The site's almost ready.  You can take a look now by clicking on the banner underneath and you'll be taken to the new site. 

On this beta site, you can:

  • Log on with your actual username and password
  • Even use any of our products that you have access to, such as 1-Stop Gateway or VBS.  Just do it like you do today: After logging in, go to Launch -> [product name]

We are finalising the content so if you do see something strange, please send an email so I can get on it right away.

Talk soon,

Cam Tran


CLICK to see 1-Stop's new website



Created: Wednesday, 16 March, 2016 06:47 PM
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