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ALC Diversity and Inclusion Summit Communique




ALC Diversity and Inclusion Summit Communique


The Australian Logistics Council has committed to taking a leadership role to improve how the industry attracts, retains and supports talented women in the logistics workforce, following the inaugural ALC Diversity and Inclusion Summit.

“The ALC Diversity & Inclusion Summit represents ALC’s commitment to encourage more women into the industry and to develop their leadership skills to equip them for future managerial roles,” said Michael Kilgariff, ALC Managing Director.

“At the Summit, industry leaders discussed what they are doing to address this issue, where there are gaps, and what practical measures can be put in place to tackle these challenges collectively as an industry.

“A range of senior industry leaders sent a very powerful message to all delegates that as an industry, we need to do better.

Statistics show women are seriously underrepresented in senior management roles, board positions and more generally across the wider transport and logistics workforce.

“Over the next 12 months, ALC will work on a range actions highlighted at the Summit to try and turn these figures around.

“And while ALC is committed to taking a leadership role, I also take this opportunity to challenge all industry members to implement measures that promotes greater diversity and inclusion in their own workplaces,” he concluded.

Click here for the ALC Diversity and Inclusion Summit video.
Photos available on request.  

ALC Diversity and Inclusion Action Areas


  • ALC to work with members to support secondments between companies to promote greater diversity 
  • ALC to provide leadership on promoting the logistics industry as a positive employment choice for women 
  • ALC to develop a Diversity Policy, including board representation, panel pledges and branding 
  • ALC to make available links to relevant online tests to determine levels of unconscious bias within organisations 
  • ALC to share positive learnings among industry to help support and retain a diverse workforce. 
  • ALC to investigate ways to ‘build the brand’ to attract a broader and more diverse applicant pool. 
  • ALC to actively promote positive diversity and inclusiveness stories / case studies across the industry. 
  • ALC to examine ways to seek greater women representation in male dominated roles, and barriers associated with their current education / assessment requirements. 
  • ALC to investigate a scholarship / sponsorship / internship / award program to promote greater diversity.
  • ALC to promote ‘gender neutral’ advertising principles and practices
  • ALC to support industry efforts to highlight educational opportunities and requirements for the logistics industry 
  • ALC to investigate research opportunities to better understand why women are leaving the logistics industry 

Friday, 27 November 2015


Further information, contact Duncan Sheppard on 0412 340 934 or


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