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July Q&A

Time for some Q&A!


Questions and Answers


1.  I made an incorrect payment, how do I cancel it ?

Goods are released faster when paying through ComPay

We understand mistakes can happen and payments are sometimes made to the wrong person.  In these cases the payment can be stopped if the cut-off time hasn't passed.  Find out what needs to happen if you ever need to cancel a payment.  Read more >>


2.  Why is my PRA rejected?

When using our Gateway, you can submit PRAs and know whether it's been Accepted or Rejected by the terminal as is happens.

Refer to this page to see how you can find out the reason for rejection.


3.  I just submitted PRA with the wrong container number, what do I do ?

Easy: just cancel it. 

  1. When you're logged in, navigate to the Search PRA page
  2. Search for your previously submitted PRA
  3. In the search results, click ‘Cancel’ to cancel that PRA
  4. You will receive a warning message to confirm that you wish to cancel your PRA, click 'Yes' to submit the cancellation to the terminal
  5. You will then be given a pop up window confirming the cancellation has been sent to the terminal

Just wait for an “ACCEPTED” response for the CANCELLATION before submitting a new PRA with the correct container number.

 4.  I registered for the VBS few days ago, why can’t I access it already?

After you complete registration, we automatically send an email with your details to the terminal.

The terminal reviews your registration and then advises approval. Once we receive the approval from the terminal with some necessary codes, we will activate your account for that terminal and will send you an email to let you know it's been done.


5.    You have taken money out on the 15th - what is it for, and where can I get an invoice?

When you sign up to the 1-Stop Gateway, we activate your subscription after receiving your authority to debit the annual fee.

Each year, when your subscription is due for renewal, we send an email to the payment administrator.  This email is to advise of the renewal and also inform you that the subscription amount will be debited from your account.

The payment administrator can also find a copy of the invoice on our website. Please follow the instructions here.


I hope this has been helpful for you. If you have any questions on these topics or any others, please be sure to contact our Helpdesk on 1300 881 055 or  We are always happy to help.



Garry Douglas




Created: Friday, 17 July, 2015 10:54 AM
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