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MSIC holders: Patrick East Swanson updated site induction

A few weeks ago we wrote to MSIC holders who visit the Patrick East Swanson Dock terminal, advising that the terminal has updated their online induction. 


If you haven’t got around to redoing the induction yet and need to visit the terminal, please logon and redo it as soon as possible. 


From the 1st July, 2015, you may not be able to access the terminal if you haven’t redone the induction as the Terminal needs to ensure the safety of all site personnel.


It's easy and will only take a few minutes.

     1. Go to and log on. 

              Forgot username or password?  Click here to retrieve them.


     2. Click on "Add or Update Inductions >"

1-stop msic card


     3. Then click on the Start button and follow it through to completion.

1-stop msic card


And that's it.  You've redone the induction and can continue visiting the terminal.

NOTE: You can still manifest your VBS booking without adding a driver.


Have questions or want to speak to someone?  Contact us at any time. Find out how >>


Created: Tuesday, 23 June, 2015 04:46 PM
Last Modified: Tuesday, 23 June, 2015 04:46 PM

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