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Get to know our team

We realize how hard it is to connect with someone over email and that it is far easier to relate to someone when you know a little about them.


That's why we want to introduce you to some of our 1-Stop team!


You've probably already seen emails from the people below and now you can learn a little more about them.


Michael Bouari


Position: Chief Executive Officer


Job Overview: leading an exciting team that is united to achieve our vision of “being globally recognized as a leader in innovating and delivering integrated solutions for port communities.”


Hobbies outside of 1-Stop: football, league, gym training, taking on new challenges.






1-stop michael bouari


Kalandika Sharma


Position: Customer Service Team Leader


Job Overview: Provide leadership to the customer service team and ensure the quality of operational business as usual service to the port community.


Hobbies outside of 1-Stop: Reading books, watching up on TV shows, trying new recipes, seeing new places and shopping for my daughter.







1-stop kalandika sharma


Cam Tran


Position: Director of First Impressions (aka Marketing Manager)


Job Overview: Informing our community of all the new and exciting things to do with 1-Stop. 


Hobbies outside of 1-Stop:  

  • Grammar and spelling;
  • Writing in bullet points;
  • Getting to know Sydney, one restaurant at a time.







1-stop cam tran


Tyron Rota (me!)


Position: Sales Representative


Job Overview: Inform the industry of the benefits of 1-Stop's services and offer the best suited services to each business.


Hobbies outside of 1-Stop: Rugby union, Squash and Chess.





1-stop tyron rota


1-Stop Connections is full of people from all different walks of life and together we are trying to make this industry run as efficiently and cost effectively as possible.


I hope knowing a little more about the people you may be in contact with allows you to have a better understanding of our staff and the personalities within 1-Stop Connections.


Tyron Rota

Sales Representative
1-Stop Connections Pty Ltd
P  +61 (2) 9588 8987
F  +61 (2) 9567 9967


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