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Q&A for Freight Forwarders

1. Who are the main subscribers to ComTrac?

There are over 400 different companies in Australia subscribed to ComTrac, and the majority of them are freight forwarders, followed by importers/exporters and transport companies. There are of course other groups that use the service - essentially, any company that needs visibility over shipments.


2. How often would 1-Stop update me wth information if I had the ComTrac service?


We send you updated vessel information (the sailing schedule)every 2 hours, including ETAs, ATAs (Actual time of arrival), ETDs, Import availability times, storage start times, export receival start and cut off times. You would also be able to request for alerts to be sent to you about your containers status at the wharf. 


3. For what amount of time can I place an advertisement on 1-Stop?


That depends on which advertising package you sign up for – we have 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 12 months. You can choose which package suits your budget and aims best. Most companies start off on a 3 month package and then extend to a 6 or 12 month package once they are comfortable with the advertising platform. 


4. Do people actually click on the advertisements on 1-Stop's website?


Yes they do!

Based on the last 3 months of activity, on average the ads on the general 1-Stop website receive around 150 clicks, and the ads on the VBS receive around 350 clicks (due to high daily activity). Of course, depending on the quality of your ad you may get more or less than this.  Everytime someone clicks on your ad, they are taken to your website so they can read about your services and hopefully enquire which is great for increasing awareness of your company and generating sales. 


5. How soon before the vessel arrives will 1-Stop display information on the vessel?


1-Stop displays the information in the 1-Stop Gateway as soon as we receive it from the terminals and shipping lines. On average this is about 10 days before the estimated arrival of the vessel, but the notice can be as early as 2 weeks before or as late as a week or a few days before. 



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