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December Newsletter







>  Adelaide data

>  Updates to your account

>  Manifests on your mobile

>  VBS in Patrick Cargolink






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You don't have to call 1-Stop to get help anymore.


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1-Stop and the Chancellor

Chancellor Merkel visited NICTA where one of our products was showcased.


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Prices slashed 

If you're looking for new business, we've radically dropped our advertising prices.


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If it's not scorching temperatures, it's cold and raining!  But hey at least today's warm again.  No matter the conditions outside though, inside 1-Stop we're always busy making our services better for you. 


You may have seen that we recently acquired HPA data.  And soon, we will also have Adelaide data.  That's right, the long-awaited Flinders Ports info is coming to 1-Stop.


Meanwhile, updates are also happening for:

  • VBS: you can now search for an older bookings
  • Gateway: clarified what the "Delete" versus "Cancel" function s do in the PRA screen
  • Mobile App: drivers will be able to log in to view manifests

Told you we've been busy! 


What do you think about these latest updates?  Drop me a line and let me know, won't you?



Talk soon,



More data comes to 1-Stop!



In addition to having Huthison Ports Australia data, container movement information at Flinders Ports  is now also on 1-Stop! 








We've updated your account


1-stop cloud       We're updating some services to a newer version, and the best part is that you don't have to do anything to enjoy it. Take a look at the new stuff for:
  • 1-Stop Gateway
  • VBS
  • MSIC



Mobile App new features


1-stop mobile app     

The newest mobile app features means that

you can:

    1.  Get an alert on your phone when a

         new notification comes in

    2.  View notices for more than 1 facility

    3.  Log in and view your list of truck manifests




Patrick CargoLink Port Botany using the VBS


1-stop patrick       

Patrick Port Logistics welcomes our VBS to their Port Botany CargoLink facility.




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