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1-Stop teams up with Aust Post for the MSIC

When lodging a 1-Stop MSIC application, applicants need to print out the form, arrange to take and pay for their photo, and bring all that with some photo ID to an Australia Post office to lodge the application.


So in addition to the pain of organising your own photo, you would have had to pay for it on top of the MSIC.  This means that the actual costs of obtaining an MSIC looks like this:


MSIC Price Cost of photo* The real total cost of an MSIC
2 year card: $252.72 $16.95 $269.67
4 year card: $456.36 $16.95 $473.31

Note: all prices are excluding GST

* According to


Not anymore.


Today, the 7th October, 2014, a change was applied to the MSIC application process that we think you’ll be pleased with.


1-stop msic      

One form, one lodgement

The process to apply for a 1-Stop MSIC will be easier than it's ever been. Simply complete the online form, print it out and take it to participating Australia Post outlet, along with proof of identity. The Australia Post staff member will take your photo, verify your identity and lodge the application on the spot.  


No more MSIC photo stress

The photo for the MSIC must meet strict guidelines. 1-Stop has teamed up with Australia Post so that the photo is taken correctly when applicants lodge their forms.  Here is a list of participating Australia Post outlets where you can lodge the forms after the 7th October 2014.


You’ll get your MSIC sooner

Now that Australia Post is taking the photos and lodging it with the MSIC application, it means that processing time is slashed by a third.  Applicants can expect to receive their cards in around 2 weeks.


To cater for this new, faster procedure, there is a slight increase in the price of our MSICs, effective on 7th October, 2014.  Take a look at the next table to see that even with the new price, it is still cheaper than if you had to pay for the photo separately. 


MSIC Price Cost of photo* The real total cost of an MSIC The new total cost of an MSIC
2 year card: $252.72 $16.95 $269.67 $265
4 year card: $456.36 $16.95 $473.31 $465

Note: all prices are excluding GST

* According to


Here is a reminder why 1-Stop’s MSICs are the best value for money.


Induction and training provided

1-Stop provides both general and site specific (Patrick, DP World, AAT, Hutchison Ports Australia) MSIC online learning and inductions required to access maritime security zones.


MSIC cost comparison table

Compared to our competitors, you’ll see why you're getting the best deal.


Issuing body 4 year card Access to terminals? Photo cost included in price? Total 4 yr MSIC + Access card *
Veritas $395       $520
Multicard $400       $525
ClientView $400       $525
1-Stop $465 $465

* All prices are exclusive of GST and are according to each Issuing Body's website as at 30 Sept 2014.


Visit our FAQs for more information.


If you need any assistance or would like to speak to someone, please contact the helpdesk on 1300 881 055 or


Best regards

Customer Service


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1-Stop MSIC teams up with Aust Post.pdf    

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