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EPCSA Intelligent Exchange Conference 2014 - Final Report.pdf    
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Michael Bouari presents at the European Port Community Systems Association conference in Italy

1-stop michael bouariOn the 4th June, 2014, Michael Bouari presented at the European Port Community System Association's  (EPCSA) "Intelligent Exchange" conference in Italy.


The vital role that data exchange plays in efficient, effective maritime transport is an issue at the top of the agenda for both industry professionals and policymakers, as the European Union seeks to ‘level the playing field’ for all transport modes.


"It is what you do with the information that creates efficiency for the port community – today’s challenges are information flow and maximising port infrastructure," said Michael Bouari.


Read the full report here


Mr Bouari's presentation can be found on Slideshare.


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EPCSA Intelligent Exchange Conference 2014 - Final Report.pdf    

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