Customs Reporting

For shipping lines and 77G depots


We’ve got Customs covered for you

1-Stop can take the hard work and expense out of Customs Reporting with this comprehensive solution for reporting import and export cargo information to Customs.

  • For shipping lines: Import and Export manifest files
  • For 77G depots: all import depot reporting

There’s no need for your business to spend money on in-house development or digital certificates. Simply log in to our website, complete required details and we translate your reporting into “customs language” and deliver the report required.


Cost-effective reporting solutions

Shipping lines and depots have different import and export cargo Customs reporting requirements. We have developed our cost-effective services to suit both.

For shipping lines

  • Sea Impending Arrival Report (SEAIAR)
  • Sea Actual Arrival Report (SEAAIR)
  • Sea Integrated Cargo Report (SEAINT)
  • Cargo List Report (CARLST)
  • Sea Cargo Report (SEACR)
  • Underbond Movement Request (UBMREQ)

For depots

  • Underbond Movement Request (UBMREQ)
  • Sea Cargo Outturn Report (SEAOUT)
  • Progressive Discharge Report (PRODIS)


Pricing is based on negotiation subject to cargo volume.

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