1-Stop Hackathon

Have you identified a problem that the logistics industry needs to fix? Join our hackathon!

What is the 1-Stop Hackathon?

The 1-Stop Hackathon is a fun creative event where all 1-Stop staff are invited to form teams and produce a POC (Proof of Concept) or a solution that solves an opportunity in our industry. 1-Stop wants to encourage collaboration, creativity and “Out of the box” thinking. A Hackathon is an ideal event to get your creative thinking going.
The only rules we are imposing on your solution, is that it has to enhance a scenario in the logistics industry or an internal 1-Stop opportunity. It does not have to necessary be a piece of software, it can be a design or an idea written in paper, as long as it’s an enhancement and has a potential to invest on it for further development.

How will it work?

Talk to your colleagues and form a team made up from anyone in the business. The minimum quantity of people in each team is 2 (to foster collaboration). However, you may want to include a mix of developers and BA’s to assist with gathering your ideas into requirements and developing a working mock up.

The event will go over two days where everyone will be working in a collaborative space together to brainstorm, discuss, create and put together a POC or a solution that could change the industry. Once you’ve locked in your team, you can register the name of the team and the participants in this page. The organizing committee will assign a space within the office for each team where you will be able to gather and work on your ideas.

At the end of the event each team will present a final POC or solution that explains their idea, what opportunity creates and why potential customers would want it. Each time will have strict 10 minutes to present the idea so it’s important to plan your presentation accordingly.

When will it be?

The 1-Stop Hackathon will be a 2-days event on the 24th and 25th of January 2019. All the teams must be present in the 1-Stop offices where the organising committee will allocate them based on the size of the team. Food will be provided as well as internet connection. The teams must bring their devices to work on the solutions. The teams can stay overnight working in the 1-Stop office if they wanted or reconvene the second day to continue working.

Who can participate?

Any employee from 1-Stop can participate and we will also have expressions of interest from external people willing to participate with either ideas or a whole team to join the event. The expression of interest form can be found here.

1-Stop API’s

1-Stop is building a platform of API’s that allow anyone to build applications and share information. We will provide some API’s on the day that can be used as a part of your solution.

Additional points will be awarded if you can demonstrate that your solution would use or is actually using these API’s.

1-Stop Products

Use existing 1-Stop products or product features to create a new solution through a mashup (e.g. customers can make a booking in VBS from your solution).

Additional points will be awarded if you can demonstrate that your solution would use existing 1-Stop application.

Create a completely new solution

If you don’t want to use existing API’s or 1-Stop products and have a great idea for a new solution then that is fine. We don’t want to limit anyone to creating great solutions.

The Pitch

At the end of the event each team will present their solution in a 10 minutes presentation at the Town Hall area. One or two people in the team should be nominated to present. Some of the things you should consider when presenting your solution are:

What is the opportunity the solution is creating? – Describe the scenario that the industry or customers have and how your solution is solving that scenario.
Who is the customer? – Explain who your customers would be and why they would want to use your solution. This doesn’t have to be hard figures during the competition it can be speculative.
What is the market size? – Speculate on the market size (e.g There are 600 customers out there and we think that 20% of them would be willing to buy this solution)
What are the benefits of your solution? Explain how your solution will bring value to the logistics business or to 1-Stop.
Demonstrate your POC – A short demonstration of your POC

Some examples of a POC that you could present:

A PowerPoint presentation of screen mock-ups
An interactive mock-up of a web/mobile application demonstrating your solution
An actual working web/mobile application using 1-Stop API’s or existing products

Remember this one tip. There may be a gap in the market but is there a market in this gap…

The prize

The winning team will receive $3000 to share.

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The T&C’s

  1. The 1-Stop Hackathon will be a 2-day event where external people will be invited to participate by submitting expressions of interest to either present an idea or bring an entire team.
  2. The solution must solve a logistics problem.
  3. The Hackathon will be hosted in the 1-Stop office in January. The teams will be allowed to stay overnight.
  4. 1-Stop will provide food, a space to work and internet access. The participants must bring their own device.
  5. At the end of the second day the teams will present their solutions and the winner will receive a prize


Where will the 1-Stop Hackathon be hosted?
A: The 1-Stop Hackathon will be hosted in our office located in 619 Elizabeth St, Redfern NSW 2016. All team must be present in the 1-Stop premises at the start of the competition.

When is the Hackathon?
A: The event will be on the 24th and 25th of January 2019.

For how long will the Hackathon go?
A: The Hackathon will be a 48 hrs event. Teams will start working on the 24th and by the end of the day on the 25th they will have the chance to present their ideas to the company and a panel of judges.

Can I use the Hackathon to implement my idea or solution?
A: Absolutely, provided that your idea solves an industry challenge or a 1-Stop issue, all ideas are welcome.

I have an idea but I don’t have a team, can I still join?
A: Yes you can still join. You can register your idea and request for a team to join you. While we will encourage our team to join your idea if it’s a good fit, we can’t guarantee that it will be picked up by a team inside 1-Stop.

How can I register my idea?
A: Just click in the following link to register your idea.

What’s the minimum and maximum participants in any team?
A: The minimum is 2 people and there is no maximum.

How can I register my team?
A: Use the form above to register

Will food be provided?
A: Yes, 1-Stop will provide food during the day and for the teams that want to stay at overnight as well.

Can I stay working in the office overnight? What if I want to work from home during the night?
A: Yes you can work from home and connect with your team if that’s your preference.

Can I use existing 1-Stop products or Services to leverage my solution?
A: Yes, teams are encouraged to use any existing 1-Stop products or available APIs to leverage their products, this will give the teams extra points during the evaluation.

How will the ideas be evaluated?
A: At the end of he second day, the ideas will be presented in the Town Hall area. The entire company will get to vote and in addition a panel of judges will also evaluate the ideas/solutions. The winner will be decided by the judges.

What is the prize?
A: The winning team will receive $3,000.